Save Our Sites seeks to work with existing preservation organizations whenever possible,and welcomes reciprocity. SOS adheres to the Hippocratic Oath of Preservation formulated by Dr. Michael Tomlan, Director of the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation at Cornell University who says: "If you can't be supportive, for gosh sakes shut up" (quoted in a NY Times article by Bradford McKee, "When Preservation Equals Demolition," March 31, 2005).
Rindelaub's Row
The organization will be loosely structured with its membership list, newsletter and email providing cohesion. There will be no board of directors, no officers; only a steering committe consisting of 12 members drawn from the general membership. One third of the committee will rotate off annually. Its meetings will be open to the general membership, providing complete transparency.
By virtue of its organizational nature, SOS will be able to swiftly respond to preservation crises. Available funding will be spent in support of volunteer efforts rather than paying a full time staff.